About Project Warm Hearts

What We Do

Project Warm Hearts is a non-profit organization that gathers warm clothing to distribute all items to those in need in the Portland Metro Area and as the temperatures have dropped, so has our inventory.

We need your help!

There are so many needy (both humans and our four legged friends) living on the streets that could use a little warmth and conversation, luckily that’s exactly what we provide.

What We Need




cofoundersThe Project Warm Hearts Co-Founders: Shawn Kindred, Jeremy Turner and Jarred West

pwh-donating1Distributing warmth in downtown Portland.

pwh-donating3The Project Warm Hearts crew with friend and family volunteers.

Who We Are

We are friends and family.
We are parents, children,
coworkers and peers.
We are dedicated.
We are weird.
We are Portlanders.
We are thankful for what we have,
whether it be a lot or a little.
We are grateful to have enough to give.

We are warm hearts.

Project Warm Hearts was started because we saw a need, one we could actually do something about.

During the winter months, we all know it gets cold out there.  However, while sitting inside warm and toasty, there are countless who for whatever reason don't have that same luxury.

It was an easy start; as easy as looking through our closets for warm clothing we don't wear anymore, and placing it into the hands of someone who could use it so much more.

With others wanting to give, to contribute, it wasn't long before organization was needed to facilitate those who wanted to get involved.  We grew, and we continue to grow, and we look forward to what the future holds as we gain momentum.

If the people of this great city have taught us anything, it's that warm hearts really can change the world - even if it's just one person at a time.


Warm Hearts
Can Change the World

Proud to have support from these great local companies:


Have a local business and want to get involved? It's easy! Offer your business as a drop-off location for donations, or check your lost-and-found boxes for unclaimed clothing that can be passed along to those in need. Contact us today to see what you can do to be a part of Project Warm Hearts!